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Jiangsu Aomingwei Environmental Protection and Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in producing SMC(sheet molding compound) and BMC(bulk molding compound). Founded in 2013, the company put into production formally in October 2014. It covers an area of 26,000 square meters and the construction area reaches 2500 square meters. The output of SMC and BMC is forecast for 30,000MT and 5,000MT. Aomingwei has a world-advanced production line and a group of top technical experts, and can create values for clients with its advanced technology. It is known that the degree of refinement and automation has been the domestic first-class and the leading in the world . It is also unanimously praised by related domestic customers for the quality and its cost performance of SMC and BMC, and also for the conception of production in Aomingwei factory.

Located in a beautiful city called Yixing, known as the historical “the ancient capital of pottery, the world of cavern, the oasis of tea and the sea of bamboo”. Aomingwei is settled in Yixing Environmental Industrial Park, enjoying very convenient communication with 1.5 km away from Yixing High-speed railway station, 3 km away from the exit of G25 highway and 1 km away from 104 national road. Meanwhile,the regional advantages is also outstanding as close to Jiangsu、Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. The enterprise adores the merits of morality, goodness, quality and credibility. The company operates with its conception of caring employees well , treating customers seriously and focusing on industry development professionally. In the enterprise culture of conscience, love, responsibility, dedication, commitment, all of us strive to become a five-star employee .Certainly, the company will continue to be ahead with the development of


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